Our NEWEST innovation by MICRONIC : Eco-Friendly Rack RM
A close-up of the CS700 screw cap recapper with a rack of precapped tubes on the tray
Automated systems to optimize your workflow

Sample Management Solutions


When taking many samples, it is crucial to be able to identify and manage them well. Currently there are fully automated systems geared toward making your daily lab work much faster and more pleasant. If you are looking for lab equipment to manage tubes, then you are at the right supplier.

In our assortment of lab equipment for tubes, we offer code scannerstube handlers and tube laser markers. The latter is suitable for the laser engraving of individual codes on tubes, which can be read with a code reader, and stored in a large tube handler, in racks together with all the other tubes.


A very innovative and important piece of lab equipment for tubes is the laser engraver for codes. We offer several types of laser markers; fully automatic for multiple racks, or manual per tube. The fully automatic Lambda576 from Afys3G is capable of laser engraving up to 6 ANSI/SLAS racks in one cycle. The extraordinary feature is that the laser markings are practically indestructible. Chemicals, mechanical influences, and temperatures in the range -196 ºC to +100 ºC will not affect the engravings.

These laser markings can be read by various rack or tube scanners from the brand Micronic. Micronic highly specializes in the manufacturing of sample management systems, such as code readers, and their products are known for their high-quality and innovativeness. By placing a code on the bottom of each tube, a large amount of samples can quickly be read and organized. This way you always have a complete overview.


For your convenience, we offer several fully automatic tube handlers, varying in size. One in particular is the Micronic Tube Handler HT500, which is suitable for medium quantities of tubes in rack formation, which must be sorted on the spot. If you need to place the racks in a larger format storage, then the HT700 may be a better option, with a capacity of 24 source racks. All that is needed for these devices is a USB stick with target information and the rest is automated. Using this triad of lab equipment for tubes, you will be able to master sample management.