High-Quality Labware

Sample Storage Solutions

  • Sample Storage Tubes

    Internally and externally threaded tubes ranging from 0.30ml to 6.00ml in size

  • Sample Storage Caps

    Push caps or screw caps for internally threaded and externally threaded tubes

  • Sample Storage Racks

    96-well, 48-well, and 24-well format ANSI/SLAS racks

  • Micronic storage racks being stored in a LN2 tank

    Freezer Racks

    For storing frozen samples in a smart, organized, and efficient way

  • Starter Packs

    Test out our tubes, caps, racks, scanners, and (de)capping equipment before purchasing large quantities

  • Tube Trial Packs

    Get started with small packs of hybrid tubes or standard Micronic tubes with internal or external thread

  • A side view of the CS700 next to three racks of tubes precapped with pink, purple, and light green screw caps respectively

    Cappers + Decappers

    Manual and automated cappers and decappers for small, medium, and high throughputs


Sample storage is an absolutely essential part of any laboratory. You want the quality of the resources used to be optimal, to prevent any kind of deterioration or damage to the sample. NBS Scientific is a proud partner of the Dutch company Micronic, which is a big name in the manufacturing of laboratory tubes and racks. We offer an exceptionally wide range of lab tubescaps for tubes or diverse sample storage racks, for any application. We also offer intuitive and high-quality cappers and decappers, and heat sealers for sealing microplates.

Our tubes not only vary in volume, but also in thread positioning, tube shape, operational temperature range, intended purpose and technologies used in the tubes. Almost all tubes have a 2D code on the bottom, which in combination with a code reader can provide extremely fast read-out times. All tubes are manufactured in a clean room, and are DNase, RNase, and pyrogen free.


For your convenience, we offer a wide range of push caps or screw caps for your tubes, available in several colors. Again, you have the choice of an internal or external thread, and some of the caps are equipped with an O-ring, or are resistant to very low temperatures.

Some of our racks can also withstand very low temperatures, and are supplied in various sizes also. By using innovative structures, the racks have a small footprint, but a very large capacity. All racks have their own 1D or 2D code, which makes reading and organizing your entire sample collection a lot easier.