Our NEWEST innovation by MICRONIC : Eco-Friendly Rack RM
Starter Packs

Getting Started with 2D Tubes


The most common systems for organizing tubes use rudimentary inscriptions, or barcodes.

To get to know 2D barcoded tubes in an approachable way, we offer several complete packages, with filled racks which are 2D coded, contain screw or pressure caps, a rack reader, and a capper/recapper. The advantage of a combo purchase is that it is up to 20% cheaper than buying the individual parts. In addition, it is useful for the lab technician the needs to be sure that they have everything.

All tubes and racks are 2D coded, so you immediately presented with have an overview. With a Micronic starter kit, you can store up to 4,000 samples in the lab. The 2D barcoded tubes are available in multiple sizes, and all products are manufactured in a clean room, DNase/RNase and pyrogen free.


For your needs, we offer multiple equipment tiers of the starter packs, ranging from BasicStandardAdvancedPremium to Premium+. With each consecutive step, the number of tubes and racks increases, and the corresponding devices become larger. This way, any laboratory size can utilize 2D barcoded tubes.

With each package, you can customize the individual aspects, such as an external or internal thread, individually. This allows each lab technician to put together exactly the package of 2D barcoded tubes that fits his or her challenge.