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A cell culture system that can be adapted to your needs

The modular design of the CELLROLL lets users easily scale-up production depending on their needs: one motor unit can control between 1 to 8 bottle racks, with each rack accommodating 2 standard roller bottles.

The moisture-resistant motor unit is available with rotation speeds of either 0.1 to 2 rpm or 2 to 6 rpm and is steered by a programmable control unit located outside of the incubator. In case of power failure or accidental disconnection of control and motor unit an alarm system is activated. The corrosion-free and sturdy construction makes the CELLROLL a reliable cell culture system that will always keep your cells “on the move.”

Product features

Easy to Use

Strong motor unit for rolling up to 16 roller bottles for easy and economic scale-up.


Several user-selectable rolling options for maximizing the growth of specific cell lines.

  • Dimensions (H x W x D) 400 x 295 x 360 mm
  • Weight 1.85 kg
  • Weight of one deck 1.7 kg
  • Input voltage 100-240 VAC
  • Standard speed range 0.1-2.0 rpm; adjustable in steps of 0.1 rpm
  • Capacity 4 to 16 roller bottles

Satisfied customers

That's why we do it

"NBS Scientific worked with us to establish what our needs were and how we could use the best system to accomplish those needs. We were trying to improve our sample storage efficiency and tracking. Overall, I liked the quality, fit and finish, and the simple software of the products we purchased most."


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