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Tube Trial Packs

Try our test tubes


When buying laboratory supplies, is can be tricky trying to determine whether they are compatible with your workflow and that you will achieve the intended results with them. It is not wise to make a large bulk order of tubes and racks until you are sure about what exactly you need.

That is why we offer tube trial packs. With that, you can take a trial pack of just 10 racks of tubes of the volume you want. You can also choose the thread type and tube type (push cap or screw cap), as well as the types of inscriptions. Of course, all tubes are manufactured in a clean room, and free of endotoxin, RNase and DNase.

With this low-threshold method, you can first test the tubes in your setup. All tubes have a special seal, which is suitable for ultra low temperatures and extended storage. The following tube sizes are available: 0.30 ml, 0.40 ml, 0.50 ml, 0.75 ml, 0.80 ml, 1.10 ml, 1.40 ml, 1.50 ml, 2.00 ml 3.00 ml and 6.00 ml. The racks are 24 or 48 well. Full customization is possible.


Do you have any other questions, comments, concerns, or would like advice on setting up these packages?  You can always contact us. We are always at your disposal with top-tier expertise, advice and knowledge. Contact us today.