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CXT 353 dispensing aliquot into tube
Frozen Aliquotters

Extract uniform frozen aliquots for downstream analysis


Taking an aliquot from frozen tissue is a very precise and time-intensive process. You want everything to go according to plan. With the innovative and high-quality solutions from our partners, you will be able to take a perfect frozen aliquot every time. We set the bar with the extensive expertise of the US company Basque Engineering + Science, who specialize in system solutions and work flows for leading research applications. Their main products include devices used to take aliquots from frozen tissue, preserving the integrity of the sample.


Basque offers several types of frozen aliquoting tools to fit different budgets. New at Basque is the Frozen Tissue Xtractor, which is a manual aliquoting device used to aliquot small amounts of tissue or liquid. You have full control over the aliquoting process, and the tool is also extremely accurate, with a minimum volume of 40 milligrams. You can take an aliquot of a very wide variety of tissues, with this innovative piece of lab tech.

In addition, Basque has the CXT 353 on offer, which is a semi-automatic benchtop device that allows you to take aliquots from tissue, stool, serum, plasma, blood and other biofluids. You can even take multiple aliquots from the same sample.


‘Because thawing isn’t cool,’ is Basque’s slogan. If you thaw your samples before aliquoting them, there is a high risk of reducing the quality of the sample. That’s why Basque’s Frozen Tissue Aliquotters exist, allowing you to take perfect aliquots of perfect quality.