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HT500 Tube Handler

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Fully automated Sample Tube Sorter

Automatically sort and manage your valuable samples from multiple racks at once

Selecting and sorting sample storage tubes by hand is a monotonous task that’s prone to human error. With the HT500 Tube Handler from Micronic, researchers can pick and place up to 400 96-well format tubes per hour.

To use the HT500, follow these three steps:

  1. Create a “pick list” generated from a LIMS system; enter into the HT500 via a USB stick
  2. Use the included 1D code reader to scan the rack positions on the platform, source and target racks
  3. Let the machine do the rest

With the ability to hold 20 racks and pick/place up to 400 tubes per hour, the HT500 can help speed up and simplify workflows in the lab. Its innovative user interface makes it easy to select, arrange, or rearrange samples, making it an ideal automation tool for every laboratory and biobank.

Product features


Thanks to its intuitive and easy-to-use interface, every lab research can operate the HT500 with ease.


The HT500 can handle up to 400 sample storage tubes per hour while maintaining a fast pace.


The unique closed system guarantees the safety of the user.


The HT500 is compatible with Micronic and other brands of sample storage tubes. There are also possibilities for a customized device.

  • Rack compatibility 96-well format Micronic racks (ANSI/SLAS standard)
  • Tube compatibility Micronic 0.30ml, 0.40ml, 0.50ml, 0.75ml, 0.80ml, 1.10ml and 1.40ml tubes
  • Total rack capacity 20 racks (specify at least 1 source and 1 target rack per run)
  • Input Loading CSV-file pick list from the USB thumb drive
  • Output CSV file of rack content for download
  • Operation Room temperature

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