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Norgen Biotek manufactures sample collection and sample isolation kits for the life science community. Download the app notes below to learn more about the quality and performance of these products.

Comparison of Stool DNA Preservation Methods

Investigating differences in microbiota authenticity and more when stool is preserved using Norgen’s stool preservative versus a TE buffer.

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Comparative Microbiome Profile from Different Fecal Preservation Methods

Assessing the quality of the standard -80°C preservation protocol against Norgen’s Stool Collection Tubes and the OMNIgene GUT DNA Stabilization Kit.

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Isolation & Detection of RNA from a Single Animal Cell

Comparing Norgen’s Total RNA Purification Kit to a number of competitor kits on the basis of RNA purity and yield.

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Long-Term Stability of DNA Stored in Norgen’s Saliva DNA Preservative

Demonstrating the stability of saliva DNA in Norgen’s preservative at various temperatures that may occur during shipping & short-term storage.

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Comparison of Norgen’s Saliva DNA Collection Kit to Leading Competitor’s

Comparing Norgen’s Saliva DNA Collection, Preservation, and Isolation Kit to the leading competitor’s kit in terms of yield, purity, and compatibility.

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Inhibitory Effect of Norgen’s Saliva DNA Preservative on Bacteria Growth

How Norgen’s Saliva DNA Preservative inhibits the growth of bacteria and yeast, resulting in non-infectious samples that can be handle safely.

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Use of Saliva Swabs in Norgen’s Saliva DNA Collection Kit

Demonstrating the use of preserved saliva swabs for isolation of both high quality and yield of DNA using Norgen’s Saliva DNA Collection Kit.

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Linearity of DNA Isolated from Increasing Volumes of Saliva

Demonstrating the flexibility of Norgen’s Saliva DNA Isolation Kit by processing increasing volumes of saliva preserved in Norgen’s saliva preservative.

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Comparison of Stool DNA Isolation Methods for Bacterial DNA Detection

Comparison of two commercially available kits designed to isolate stool DNA; based on DNA quality, DNA quantity, and ease of use.

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Detection of Viral, Bacterial, & Human Genomic DNA from Stool Samples

DNA isolated from preserved samples using Norgen’s Stool DNA Isolation Kit is of a high quality and can be used directly in sensitive downstream assays.

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Comparative Study of DNA Isolated from Whole Blood

Comparing four commercially available blood DNA isolation methods for their ability to isolate high quality and high quantities of genomic DNA.

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Genomic DNA Isolation from Buffy Coat using Norgen’s Isolation Kit

Isolating blood genomic DNA from the buffy coat portion of separated blood using Norgen’s Blood Genomic DNA Isolation Mini Kit.

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Stability of DNA Stored in Norgen’s Saliva Preservative for 52 Months

Analyzing the long-term stability of saliva DNA in Norgen’s Saliva DNA Preservative after being stored for up to 52 months at room temperature.

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Purification & Detection of Bacterial RNA from Preserved Stool Samples

Bacterial RNA isolated from preserved stool samples is of a high quality and can be used directly in sensitive downstream applications.

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