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Cell cultivation systems that grow with your needs

For more than 25 years, Pfeiffer Electronic Engineering has been developing and producing electronic devices for customers in the following sectors: industry, wellness, medical technology, and biotechnology. After acquiring the CELLROLL/CELLSPIN product lines from INTEGRA Biosciences AG in 2016, Pfeiffer has focused their energy on laboratory technology with an emphasis on the life sciences and biotechnology markets. As the former developer and programmer of CELLCONTROL, the control component that’s the centerpiece of the CELLROLL and CELLSPIN products, Pfeiffer has the necessary “know-how” and experience to ensure the premium quality of their products for customers worldwide.

Cell Cultivation Systems

That grow with your needs

The CellRoll system from Pfeiffer can be used to gently grow cells in roller bottles. With this system, researchers can fine-tune essential parameters like rotation speed, rotation direction, pause times, and interval cycles. The roller bottles are turned on ball-bearings that are free from vibrations to avoid unnecessary shear stress. They’re also driven by a stepper motor to guarantee smooth rolling.

The CellSpin system allows for customizable cell cultivation in spinner flasks. With the CellSpin system, researchers can precisely set essential parameters like stirring direction and pause intervals. The stirring speed ranges from 5 to 75rpm and can easily be adjusted in steps of 2.50rpm. The CellSpin is designed to work with spinner flasks that have two glass pendulums. These pendula guarantee low shear forces and maintain optimum mixing.

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