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Long-Term Stability of Preserved DNA

Long-Term Stability of DNA Stored in Norgen’s Saliva DNA Preservative

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In recent years, attention has been turning to the use of non-invasive samples for genetic and diagnostic analysis, including the use of saliva. The isolation of high quality DNA from saliva is not without its problems, however. The number of DNA-containing cells found in saliva can vary significantly from individual to individual. Adequate amounts of saliva must therefore be collected to ensure that DNA can be extracted in an amount sufficient for testing. As enzymes that degrade DNA are found in saliva, methods must also be employed to protect the DNA in the sample. Norgen Biotek has developed a saliva DNA preservative which allows for the long-term preservation of saliva samples at ambient room temperature, making this buffer ideal for saliva storage and shipping. In this application note, the long-term stability of saliva DNA in Norgen’s Saliva DNA Preservative is analyzed.

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