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Isolation and Detection of RNA from Single Cell

Isolation and Detection of RNA from as Little as a Single Animal Cell Using Norgen’s Total RNA Purification Kit

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The isolation of high quality total RNA is an important first step in a number of downstream applications including RT-PCR, Northern blotting, primer extension, and expression array assays. Traditional methods of total RNA isolation often involve the use of toxic and harmful chemicals, including phenol and chloroform. Often traces of these organic solvents can be found in the purified RNA, resulting in the need to further purify the RNA once it has been isolated. Norgen’s Total RNA Purification Kit allows for the rapid isolation and purification of total RNA from a number of various sources, including cultured animal cells, bacterial cells, blood, and small tissue samples. In this application note, Norgen’s Total RNA Purification Kit is compared to a number of competitor kits on the basis of RNA purity and yield.

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