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Inhibitory Effect of Norgen's Saliva DNA Preservative

Inhibitory Effect of Norgen’s Saliva DNA Preservative on the Growth of Bacteria and Yeast

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In recent years, attention has been turning to the use of non-invasive samples for genetic and diagnostic analysis, including the use of saliva. In contrast to blood samples, saliva can be self-collected, is less costly to ship, and is easier to store and process. Human genomic DNA extracted from buccal epithelial cells and white blood cells found in saliva can be used in various applications including diagnostic assays, epidemiological studies, and surveys. Norgen Biotek has developed a Saliva DNA Preservative which allows for the long-term preservation of saliva samples at ambient temperature, making this buffer ideal for saliva storage and shipping. This application note shows that the saliva preservative prevents the growth of microorganisms, thereby resulting in non-infectious samples that can be handled and shipped safely.

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