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Genomic DNA Isolation from Buffy Coat

Genomic DNA Isolation from Buffy Coat Using Norgen’s Blood Genomic DNA Isolation Mini Kit

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Blood is an excellent sample for diagnostic purposes. It is rich in protein and nucleic acid-based biomarkers that can be used to detect a panel of diseases long before physical symptoms become apparent. Whole blood can be fractionated by centrifugation into three main components: the upper plasma, the middle buffy coat containing leukocytes, and the bottom erythrocytes. Investigators have unique needs based on which portion of the blood sample is being utilized in their study. The portion of blood used can affect the results from blood DNA isolation kits, ultimately influencing the results of research-based or diagnostic tests associated with blood. The purpose of this study is to isolate blood genomic DNA from the buffy coat portion of separated blood using Norgen’s Blood Genomic DNA Isolation Mini Kit.

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