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The Generation R Study

Quality labware

For long term sample storage

Many biobanks use Micronic labware to process and store samples for future scientific studies. The Generation R Study, for example, is a population-based prospective cohort study that focuses on the growth and development of young people (from birth until adulthood). The primary purpose of the study is to identify early causes of normal and abnormal growth.

Since 2001, more than 1 million samples have been collected from mothers and children for this study. Samples are processed and eventually stored in 0.75ml Micronic 2D coded tubes at -80°C. Researchers use a Micronic capper to seal the tubes with Micronic push caps. Then, they scan the tubes with a 2D code reader to make future retrieval fast and easy.

The Generation R Study proves the reliability of Micronic’s sample storage labware.

Product Downloads

  • 2D Coded Tubes with Internal Thread Download
  • Caps for Sample Storage Tubes Download
  • Micronic Capping and Decapping Range Download
  • Micronic Code Reader Range Download

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