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Micronic DR505 Rack Reader

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A compact rack reader

With an anti-frost system and a deep focus image sensor

The compact Micronic Rack Reader DR505 reads whole racks filled with 2D Data-Matrix coded tubes. The DR505 features an anti-frost system, which minimizes condensation of frozen samples on the scanner plate. This way, tube codes from even frozen samples can be read, improving productivity and preserving the integrity of samples. The scanner is standard provided with Micronic Code Reader Software to ensure optimal performance.

A Micronic 96-well format rack with lid of push cap tubes in freezer

Product features


The DR505 is compatible with most brands of 2D Data-Matrix tubes.

Fast scan times

The DR505 can scan an entire rack of tubes in 5 seconds and a single tube in 2 seconds.

Embedded software

The DR505 includes the latest version of the reliable Micronic Code Reader software.

5-year warranty

During the 5-year warranty period, Micronic will arrange to repair or replace the DR505 if necessary.

  • Scan time 5 seconds (whole rack), 2 seconds (single tube)
  • Technology included CIS imaging technology
  • Tube and rack compatibility 96-, 48-, and 24-well format tubes and racks
  • Size 10.4" x 7.3" x 2.8"
  • Weight 7.5 lbs
  • Anti-frost system included
  • Single tube reading function available
  • Optional 1D side barcode reader available

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"NBS Scientific worked with us to establish what our needs were and how we could use the best system to accomplish those needs. We were trying to improve our sample storage efficiency and tracking. Overall, I liked the quality, fit and finish, and the simple software of the products we purchased most."


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