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Barcode Quality Control

Durable labware

For reliable sample organization

A pile of screw cap tubes precapped with grey screw caps with 2D Data-Matrix codes

A 2D Data-Matrix code is a two-dimensional square or rectangle of black and white “cells” that encodes information in text or numeric data. It is primarily used on sample storage tubes to organize samples in order to keep track of them, while racks tend to use 1D barcodes.

A well-placed and high-quality 2D Data-Matrix code is essential for reliable sample identification. The Micronic 1d barcode and 2D Data-Matrix code quality is well-known among biobanking and other laboratory facilities as critical to reliably track and trace valuable samples. Especially after experiencing ultra-low temperatures.

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0.50ml internal thread tubes precapped with grey push caps and screw caps

0.50ml Tube Trial Pack

The 0.50ml sample storage tubes from Micronic can be supplied non-coded, alphanumeric coded or with a unique 2D code on the bottom.
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Screen shot of new Micronic code reader software

Micronic Code Reader Software

The Micronic Code Reader Software was developed to optimize the compatibility of 2D Data-Matrix coded tubes, code readers, automated workflows and LIMS systems.
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Micronic DR505 Rack Reader

A small benchtop solution that features an anti-frost system, which enables users to read racks filled with 2D codes tubes straight from the freezer.
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Micronic Tube Reader DT510

The Micronic Tube Reader DT510 is a high-speed code reader that can read 1D rack barcodes and 2D Data-Matrix coded tubes in less than 1 second.
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