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X-TubeProcessor® Basic


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Automate your tube and liquid handling processes

An effective way to streamline your lab workflow

The X-TubeProcessor Basic by HTI bio-X

The X-TubeProcessor® Basic is the ideal solution for customers who need a simple, yet effective, way to automate their tube and liquid handling processes. Modules can be added to the X-TubeProcessor® Basic for customers who also need to fill, label, and scan tubes.

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Product features

Capping and decapping

The X-TubeProcessor® Basic can (de)cap different tube types. Caps are pre-loaded via a bulk cap feeder and tubes are placed into racks before starting.

Reliable Identification

The X-TubeProcessor® Basic reliably traces tubes by scanning and reading barcodes on tubes and racks according to system requirements.


The X-TubeProcessor® Basic can label tubes with identical or unique content, which can be added with the control panel or via a database connectivity.

Sorting and Storage

The X-TubeProcessor® Basic allows for a small to medium throughput. With an extendable module, up to 7 racks can be processed simultaneously.

  • Throughput 600 tubes per hour
  • Rack capacity Up to 7 racks
  • Size & Weight 26.77" x 24.01" x 23.62" & 144 lbs
  • Bench-top device
  • Includes cap and rack feeders
  • Filling, labeling, and scanning modules available

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