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Norgen Biotek

Easily collect and preserve DNA samples

Norgen Biotek produces reliable sample collection and sample isolation kits for RNA and DNA in all types of samples, including blood, stool, saliva, urine, plasma, serum, and soil. Norgen’s ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications indicate their commitment to manufacturing and selling high quality products.


Sample Collection Kits

A saliva RNA collection and preservation device by Norgen Biotek

Norgen Biotek offers innovative solutions for the collection and preservation of samples at room temperature. Their product line includes innovative devices for collecting and preserving DNA and RNA in saliva and urine, nucleic acids in stool, and a line of flocked swabs.

Sample Collection products

Sample Isolation Kits

A Soil Total RNA Purification Kit from Norgen Biotek

Norgen also offers a wide range of sample isolation kits. With more than two dozen issued or pending patents in the genomic technology space, Norgen is an expert at making RNA and DNA isolation kits for all types of samples, including blood, stool, saliva, urine, plasma, serum, and soil.

Sample Isolation products

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