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Introducing the CXT 353

A Frozen Sample Aliquotter

For generating frozen aliquots

From the same parent sample

To preserve the integrity of samples, we offer the CXT 353 from Basque Engineering + Science, a frozen sample aliquotter that can be used to generate multiple frozen aliquots from the same parent sample. It eliminates the freeze-thaw cycle and effectively maximizes sample utility.

The CXT 353 can be used to aliquot a range of frozen samples like tissue, feces, serum, plasma, whole blood, and urine. When using the CXT 353 to extract frozen aliquots, researchers use nuclease-free coring probes to prevent sample carryover and cross-contamination. The CXT 353 also has a laser targeting feature that researchers can use to precisely select which part of the sample they’d like to core. Watch Our Live Product Demo

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