Never lose a sample again

With the start of a new quarter, we’re offering a new batch of promotions! When you purchase two or more cases of externally threaded tubes, you can receive either a free DT300 handheld wireless tube reader or 20% off a DR500 or DR700 full rack reader from Micronic. Offers are valid until June 30, 2020.

Micronic Tube Reader DT300

The DT300 is a light-weight, portable device that can be used anywhere in the lab to scan 1D & 2D codes on tubes and racks.

Micronic Rack Reader DR500

The DR500 series is compatible with most brands of storage tubes and can read a full rack of tubes in less than 5 seconds.

Micronic Rack Reader DR700

The DR700 can be used to read and identify tubes straight from the freezer, thus eliminating the need to thaw tubes after retrieval.

Micronic DR500 full rack code reader with side barcode reader and new Micronic code reader software

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