Our NEWEST innovation by MICRONIC : Eco-Friendly Rack RM
The VXQ bulk tube feeder paired with the Sci-Print VX2 fully automated tube labeler by Scinomix
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Featuring the Sci-Print VX2

Tired of Hand-Labeling Tubes?
An automated labeler could transform your workflow

You’re about to process a batch of samples when you pick up the first tube.

“Oh great,” you think, somewhat irked. “I can’t read the label.”

It’s handwritten. The ink has smeared. And your colleague’s handwriting is just plain awful.

What’s in the tube?

Who does it belong to?

Is it hazardous?

Your team may never know.

Poorly labeled samples can lead to unreliable research results and failed experiments in the lab.

To prevent unnecessary mistakes, it’s critical to adopt a labeling system that facilitates your research, not one that hinders it.


Join us for a webinar on Wednesday, November 17th at 9:00AM EDT / 2:00PM GMT. We’ll discuss the benefits of automated labeling, talk about the labelers within our portfolio, and conduct a live demo of the Sci-Print VX2. To register, please submit the form below.

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