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On Micronic Barcode Readers

Revolutionizing Sample Tracking: Micronic Barcode Readers and SoftwareMicronic Scanner Webinar Graphic

Unlock the Power of Micronic Barcode Readers!

Looking to enhance your lab’s efficiency?

Worried about sample tracking accuracy?

Join us for an exciting webinar hosted by our very own Molly Pellegrini, your gateway to the world of Micronic Barcode Readers and their Code Reader Software.

Explore the possibilities and advantages of Micronic’s cutting-edge barcode readers – designed to streamline your sample management process with speed, precision, and reliability.

? Discover Micronic Barcode Readers:

  • Read tube and rack codes instantly
  • Preserve sample integrity with anti-frost technology
  • Achieve unparalleled code-reading accuracy
  • Unlock wireless operation for on-the-go scanning
  • Enhance your lab’s productivity with high-speed code reading
  • Say goodbye to manual data entry errors and inefficient sample tracking methods. Embrace the future of lab technology with Micronic and NBS Scientific.

?️ Save the Date:
Join us on November 9th at 10 AM EDT for an illuminating webinar where we’ll delve deep into the world of Micronic barcode readers. Get ready to transform your lab operations for the better.

For example: Storing samples in 2.00ml Micronic tubes.
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