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On the Frozen Tissue Xtractor

Preserving Sample Quality
With the Frozen Tissue Xtractor


Looking to work with frozen samples?

Concerned about sample contamination?

Look no further than the revamped and enhanced Frozen Tissue Xtractor from Basque Engineering + Science.

This innovative device allows researchers to preserve sample quality by completely eliminating the freeze-thaw cycle. Say goodbye to the hassle of thawing frozen samples, aliquotting them, and then re-freezing them for storage.

No need for chiseling samples anymore.

No more reliance on knives for cutting.

No more waiting for tissues to thaw.

With the improved Frozen Tissue Xtractor, you can streamline your sample management process and ensure the integrity of your valuable samples.


By eliminating the freeze-thaw cycle, researchers can:

★ Avoid analyte degradation and improve sample integrity

★ Extract small volumes without thawing to increase sample usage

★ Conserve rare and late-stage disease samples

★ Avoid manually slicing frozen tissue

★ Limit the handling of feces

★ Re-access frozen tissues and fecal samples


Join us for a live demo of the upgraded Frozen Tissue Xtractor on Thursday, September 21st at 10AM EDT. During the demo, Cathy Roesch (Director of Science + Quality) from Basque Engineering + Science will discuss the benefits of frozen aliquotting and explain how researchers can use the Tissue Xtractor in their labs.


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