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Micronic manufactures labware consumables like tubes, caps, and racks, and laboratory automation equipment like (de)cappers, tube handlers, and barcode readers. Request the application notes below to learn more about the quality and performance of these products.

Agriculture & Micronic: Sample Preservation and Storage Solutions

How Micronic tubes and caps are used in agricultural research, specifically plant and seed banking.

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Absence of Extractables: In Micronic Polypropylene Sample Storage Tubes

Proving that Micronic tubes will not contaminate or harm valuable samples through a rigorous test.

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Barcode Quality Control: 2D Data-Matrix Codes & 1D Barcodes

Evaluates integrity and purity of DNA stored in GenTegra DNA tubes & its use in American bison genetic studies.

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Bead Beating Performance: Mechanical Tube Strength

Testing the mechanical strength of Micronic’s 0.75ml and 1.40ml sample storage tubes.

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Durability of Sample Storage Products: Micronic Tubes & Caps

Testing the durability of Micronic tubes by repeatedly opening and closing them up to 100 times.

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Code Resistance Performance of Laser-Etched vs. Ink 2D based Codes

Researching the chemical and mechanical resistance of the 2D Data-Matrix codes on Micronic tubes.

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Freeze-Thaw Stability of Micronic TPE Push Caps

Conducting a freeze-thaw stability test for two racks of 1.40ml tubes precapped with push caps and screw caps.

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Labware Performance at -196°C: Stability Under Extreme Conditions

Testing the durability of Micronic storage tubes at low, ultra-low, and cryogenic temperatures.

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Ultra Low Binding Tubes For Use in Proteomic and Other Fields

Verifying the protein-binding level of Micronic’s polypropylene sample storage tubes.

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Optimal Freezer Storage Capacity with Micronic Storage Racks

How you can increase the number of samples you store in your freezer by up to 116%.

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Relative Centrifugal Force: Centrifugal Capacity of Micronic Labware

Determining what relative centrifugal force (RCF) Micronic’s labware can withstand.

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Sealing Performance of Micronic Screw Caps and Push Caps

Conducting evaporation studies to determine the sealing performance of Micronic’s screw caps and push caps.

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The Generation R Study: Proven Stability of Micronic Labware

How Micronic products are used around the globe to preserve samples during long-term sample storage.

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