Tech Notes

GenTegra’s products protect nucleic acids while being stored at ambient temperatures. Their patented chemical matrix provides protection against environmental damage that might destroy DNA and RNA. Download the tech notes below for more information.

Ambient Temperature Stabilization of Feline & Canine Tumor Cell RNA

Maintaining RNA stability in tumor cells for gene expression in mammalian cancer research.

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GenTegra RNA Preserves the Integrity of Purified RNA During Transport

Purified RNA stored in GenTegra RNA for 3 weeks at ambient temperatures has no effect on RNA integrity.

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Storage in GenTegra DNA Tubes Preserves Quality of Bison DNA

Evaluates integrity and purity of DNA stored in GenTegra DNA tubes & its use in American bison genetic studies.

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Reliable Extraction & Preservation of DNA from Biosamples w/ GenSaver™

Extraction yield of human genomic DNA from blood & saliva samples stored at ambient for 20 years on collection cards.

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Identification of P. Falciparum in DNA Recovered from FTA Paper

Successfully genotyping DNA after recovery from FTA paper using the GenSolve™ extraction kit.

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Novel Paper Based Technology for Biosample Collection & Biobanking

Demonstrates that GenTegra’s collection cards are easy to use & suitable for the high-volume collection of biosamples.

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Room Temp. Storage of Purified Plasmids in GenTegra-DNA Tubes

Evaluates the integrity, quality, and purity of plasmid DNA stored in GenTegra-DNA tubes.

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