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Basque Engineering + Science manufactures frozen sample aliquotters that can extract multiple aliquots from a single sample. Request the application notes below to learn more about these systems.


Evaluation of the Frozen Sample Aliquotter

The Rhode Island BioBank completed an independent evaluation using a test platform of the frozen sample aliquotter.

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Advancing Brain Tissue and CNS Sample Handling

Using frozen aliquotting in biomarker detection and quantification workflows involving frozen brain tissue and CSF.

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Effective Feces Aliquotting Workflow Supports Microbiome Research

Frozen aliquotting as a viable solution for early stages of a metagenomic workflow for fecal samples.

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LC-MS/MS Analysis Using Frozen Aliquotting

A study that demonstrates how frozen aliquotting can be used as a tool for compound stabilization & bioanalysis.

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Using Frozen Aliquotting in Genomic Applications and Workflows

Two commonly utilized sources of DNA are shown to be compatible with frozen coring technology.

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