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Preserving Bison DNA in GenTegra DNA Tubes

Storage in GenTegra DNA Tubes Preserves Quality and Integrity of Bison DNA for Use in PCR-Based Assays

A preview of this application note (paraphrased from the introduction):

Researchers at Texas A&M University have developed PCR-based assays to detect the presence of domestic crossbreeding within populations of bison and wild cattle to improve conservation efforts for these species. In their study, they purified genomic DNA from bison blood samples. Then, following genetic analysis, they saved the remaining purified DNA for future studies. Current methods of DNA storage in freezers are a costly and inefficient way to preserve a large number of purified DNA samples. In this study, the integrity, quality, and purity of DNA stored in GenTegra DNA tubes was evaluated, along with its applicability for use in American bison genetic studies.