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Ex Vivo Stabilization in EDTA Plasma for LC-MS/MS Analysis

Ex Vivo Stabilization of Small Molecule Compounds and Peptides in EDTA Plasma for LC-MS/MS Analysis Using Frozen Aliquotting

A preview of the application note (paraphrased from the introduction):

Drug development and pharmaceutical research relies heavily on animal and human biospecimens to generate the vast amounts of data needed to bring new drugs to market. However, the sensitivity of some compounds in response to common storage and handling practices can convolute analytical data and obscure scientific outcomes. The frozen sample aliquotter from Basque Engineering + Science enables an intact cold chain workflow for bioanalysis of freeze-thaw sensitive compounds and biospecimens such as plasma. Aliquots of frozen biospecimens generated by the frozen sample aliquotter can be put directly into sample preparation procedures. The following data was generated in collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline and demonstrates how frozen aliquotting can improve compound stabilization and bioanalysis of small molecule compounds and peptides.