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Frozen Sample Aliquotting Technology

Frozen Sample Aliquotter

A preview of the application note (paraphrased from the introduction):

Banked biosamples are invaluable to biomedical research. Optimal processing, preservation, and sampling are crucial to protect their biochemical composition and molecular integrity lest a study’s results be compromised. Exposing frozen samples to repeated freeze-thaw cycles to aliquot them may damage their fidelity in unpredictable ways and increase potential data variation. To guarantee access to quality samples, biobanks face critical cost/efficiency trade-offs. With an automated frozen sample aliquotter, biobanks can eliminate a number of freeze/thaw cycles to protect sample integrity, standardize the aliquotting process, and increase lab efficiency. The Rhode Island BioBank and Harvard Medical School tested the capability and effectiveness of a frozen sample aliquotting system from Basque Engineering.