Our NEWEST Innovation by MICRONIC : Eco-Friendly Rack RM

Optimal Freezer Storage Capacity

Efficient Storage

For reimagining sample storage

According to the U.S. Department of energy, “freezers are typically designed to operate between -56°c and -86°c and they are usually operated at a set point of -70°c or -80°c.When new, these freezers consume approximately 16 to 22 kwh per day, which is about as much energy as an average family household. After years of service, many of such freezers consume over 30 kwh per day, and typically at least 30% of the samples stored in them are out-of-date, unrecoverable, or otherwise not useful for research.”

This study, by Micronic, shows that energy-saving projects such as managing your storage space can reduce the annual operating costs dramatically.

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