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Micronic Sample Storage Tubes

The broadest tube range on the market

A 6.00ml externally threaded hybrid tube with a 1D side barcode and human readable code being sealed with a grey screw cap

At NBS Scientific, we offer the full line of 96-well, 48-well, and 24-well format internal and external thread sample storage tubes from Micronic. Tube volumes range from 0.30ml to 6.00ml in size and different coding options are available to accommodate different needs: non-coded, alphanumeric coded, or 2D Data-Matrix coded.

Tubes with a 2D code on the bottom can also be manufactured with a 1D barcode on the side. This is known as the Micronic hybrid tube (an external thread tube), which includes 4 layers of traceability: a 2D Data-Matrix code on the bottom, a 1D barcode on the side, a human readable code above the 1D barcode, and a blank white patch to label or laser-etch a fourth ID.

Product Downloads

  • Tubes with Internal Thread 2D Data-Matrix Coded Download
  • Tubes with External Thread 2D Data-Matrix Coded Download
  • Hybrid Tubes with External Thread Download

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0.75ml Internal Thread Tubes

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The 6.00ml Micronic storage tube in 24-well format has a large working volume of 4.80ml (working volume at +21ºC).
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0.80ml External Thread Tubes

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The 1.40ml hybrid tube provides a unique solution to identify samples. The transparent part of the tube walls lets users visually check their samples.
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