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Univo Electric Decapper DC480

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Quickly and easily decap push cap tubes

An electric, user-friendly way to decap 96 push cap tubes in less than 8 seconds

The Univo Electric Decapper DC480 helps satisfy the need for higher sample throughput by offering a quick and easy way to decap multiple sample storage tubes at once. The internal cap grippers are developed to minimize cross-contamination. While the rack in the sleigh is moving backwards, the grippers move down slightly into the cap to smoothly and safely remove it. With a user-friendly interface, the operator can choose which rack they’d like to decap without using different adapters.

Product features


The DC480 is compatible with all Micronic 96-format tubes (up to 1.40ml) and racks.


The DC480 can operate as a stand-alone unit or in a fully automated environment.


The DC480 has a compact and robust design that allows users to easily select different tube sizes.

Consistent capping result

With remote control runs via a serial connector (DB9), the DC480 provides potential-free contacts.

  • Rack compatibility ANSI / SLAS standard 96-format racks
  • Cycle time About 7 seconds
  • Size & Weight 12.0" x 8.0" x 11.0" & 31 lbs
  • Voltage 115 - 230 V

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  • Micronic Capping and Decapping Range Download

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