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Tube Selector

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The Micronic Tube Selector Tool

For picking individual tubes from racks

The Micronic tube selector being used to pick an internally threaded tube precapped with a grey screw cap from a rack

The tube selector by Micronic is a tool that offers a user-friendly way to pick individual tubes from a rack. By clicking the single thumb-button on the tool, users can rapidly and securely pick a single storage tube. Pressing the thumb-button again releases the tube from the Tube Selector.

A Micronic 96-well format rack with lid of push cap tubes in freezer

Product features


The Tube Selector is an easy-to-use tool that can manually grab individual tubes from a rack without having to lift them.

Tube compatibility

The Tube Selector is compatible with all Micronic 96-well format tubes (non-snap).

Optimal Design

The Tube Selector was designed with optimized grippers and a convenient grip design to pick up both push cap and screw cap tubes.


The Tube Selector Tool offers researchers a cost-effective way to quickly and easily pick individual push cap or screw cap tubes.

  • Tube compatibility All Micronic 96-well format tubes
  • Single-handed operation
  • Manual thumb operated ejection
  • Minimizes cross-contamination

Satisfied customers

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"NBS Scientific worked with us to establish what our needs were and how we could use the best system to accomplish those needs. We were trying to improve our sample storage efficiency and tracking. Overall, I liked the quality, fit and finish, and the simple software of the products we purchased most."


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