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Riplate® Magnetic

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The Riplate® magnetic

For cleaning, mixing, and centrifuging samples

Ritter Medical Riplate magnetic

The Riplate® magnetic by Ritter Medical is an SBS footprint plate specifically developed for magnetic separation technology that can quickly and efficiently extract proteins and DNA from high-quality samples with a magnetic force.

To ensure reproducibility on a longterm basis, Ritter Medical has developed precise plate components made from the highest purity polypropylene. Produced in class-8 cleanroom conditions, Ritter’s products comply with the requirements concerning reliable analysis results.

The Riplate® magnetic has a working volume of 20–1000μl and a total volume of 0.20ml–2.00ml/well.

Ritter robotic pipette tips in action

Product features


The Magnetic Plates have a high resistance to conventional chemicals, solvents and alcohol.


Newly developed cylindrical wells enable a good bioturbation of samples.

Risk Free

Slightly raised rims reduce the risk of cross-contamination.


The alphanumeric coding helps researchers register and identify individual samples.

  • Material High-purity polypropylene
  • Resistance High
  • Coding Alphanumeric
  • Format Standard SBS format
  • Compatibility KingFisherTM 96 Flex Magnetic Particle Processor
  • Reduced risk of cross-contamination

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