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For cell cryopreservation

The FreezeCell cryopreservation boxes can be used to maximize the viability of different cell types, including stem cells, primary cells, cell lines, and yeast. With FreezeCell boxes, researchers can maintain a controlled and consistent cooling rate, yielding higher cell survival after thawing. Choose from three shapes: round, square, and hexagon. Each box holds up to 12 cryovials or centrifuge tubes.

Product features

Box Type

FreezeCell boxes are available in a round, square, or hexagon shape. Each hold twelve 1.00ml/2.00ml cryovials or 1.50ml/2.00ml centrifuge tubes.


The FreezeCell boxes are easy to use. Just put samples in the box, place the box in a -80°C environment for 3 hours, then transfer samples to longterm storage.


The FreezeCell boxes foster a consistent cooling rate for high cell survival. Freeze individual experiments or a full load at once.


No maintenance costs are required for the FreezeCell boxes. You can reuse them over and over again, which means no need for replacements.

  • No need to pre-cool samples
  • Easy open lid; can hold box in hands directly out of freezer
  • Can remove whole box or individual samples at any time
  • Minimal footprint to help maximize freezer space

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