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EVA Push Caps

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Securely seal your storage tubes

Preserve the integrity of your samples with Micronic EVA push caps

EVA style TPE push caps in capmat format

The EVA Push Caps from Micronic are a cost-effective way to securely seal sample storage tubes in a 96-well format. The EVA Push Caps for tubes in 96-well format are compatible with the Micronic 0.50ml, 0.75ml, 1.10ml, 1.40ml, 2.00ml, and 2.50ml tube sizes. Several EVA cap formats are available: the EVA Capmat-96 which holds 96 caps in a fixed format, the EVA Capband-8 which comes in a strip of 8 caps, and the EVA Capband-8 which allows individual caps to be removed from a strip.

A Micronic 96-well format rack with lid of push cap tubes in freezer

Product features

Regulatory compliance

The EVA push caps comply with the US and European Food contact regulations.

Tube Compatibility

The EVA push caps are compatible with Micronic 96-well format tubes and are available in transparent.

Push Cap Format

The EVA push caps are available in three different formats: EVA Capmat, EVA Capband-8, and EVA Breakoff Capband.


The EVA push caps resist chemical solvents. All caps are produced in a class 7 clean room and are RNase/DNase and Pyrogen free.

  • Material Ethyl Vinyl Acetate
  • Cap height 5.88 mm
  • Temperature range -40°C to +80°C
  • Available sterile, gamma radiated, (15 kGy avg.) or Et0 treated

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