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The CapMate Duo

A consistently secure way to (de)cap tubes and vials with screw caps

The CapMate Duo

The CapMate Duo from XQ Instruments is a compact, table-top device that has been developed to automate the (de)capping process for screw cap tubes. Designed to cap and decap standard storage tubes, the CapMate Duo eliminates the operator hand fatigue and discomfort that often results from manually (de)capping screw cap tubes. It also helps increase lab productivity, while ensuring caps are consistently tightened.

To use the CapMate Duo, researchers must simply place a cap on the tube, load the tube into the tube holder, push the tube holder into the unit, and then remove the tube once its been capped automatically.

Product features


The CapMate Duo reduces operator hand fatigue by eliminating the need to manually (de)cap tubes.


The CapMate Duo expedites a part of the laboratory workflow, eliminating tedious tasks from the lab.

Compact Design

The CapMate Duo is a bench-top system that takes up minimal space in the lab.

Consistent torque

The CapMate Duo provides consistent torque that prevents tube leakages during transit.

  • Throughput 20-30 tubes per minute
  • Weight 11 lbs
  • Power supply 115 V
  • Power rating 450W max
  • Noise level Less than 70 db at 1 meter
  • Device requires little to no maintenance

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