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Eliminate tedious dispensing tasks

With a benchtop dosing machine

The SDB-1 is a benchtop dispenser that can be used to dispense calibrated volumetric doses of powders and solids in a highly precise and consistent manner. Due to its compact configuration, the SDB-1 can be integrated into laboratory workflows to reduce tedious and time consuming tasks.

Dispensing heads are interchangeable to allow for the quick processing of several materials with different dose sizes without the risk of cross-contamination. A small dispensing head can dispense doses between 5mg-250mg while a large dispensing head can dispense doses between 5mg to 5 grams.

An optional, removeable accessory called the X-Y table is available to manually direct doses into microtiter plates. An automated, motorized version of the accessory is available with the SDB-1R benchtop dispenser.

Examples of dispensed solids and powders include:

  • Sodium Carbonate
  • Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Sodium Chloride
  • Bacto Agar
  • Magnesium Sulfate
  • Glass beads (Density = 1.7-2.5 g/ml)
  • Siliasphere Phenyl, 70A (Microbeads)
  • Dental Amalgam Powder
  • Lidocaine Hydrochloride
  • Granular Fish Feed
  • Coal Powder


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Product features

Precise Dosing

The SDB-1 dispenses precise doses of solids or powders, with the volume of each dose falling within a tight tolerance, eliminating errors associated with manual processing.

Increased Productivity

With the SDB-1, researchers can dispense solids and powders more quickly while retaining the flexibility of freehand processing.

Increased Safety

With the SDB-1, researchers can eliminate tedious tasks from their daily routine and prevent occupational safety hazards incurred by repeatedly (and manually) portioning powders or solids.

Wide Dispensing Range

The SDB-1 can be calibrated to dispense doses of solids and powders from 5mg to 250mg in size (with the small dispensing head) or 5mg to 5g in size (with the large dispensing head).

  • Throughput 2.5-3.5 seconds per dose
  • Dispensing range - small dispensing head 5mg to 250mg
  • Dispensing range - large dispensing head 5mg to 5g
  • Size 120 (L) x 200 (W) x 450mm (H) / 4.72 x 7.87 x 17.72in
  • Weight 3kg / 6.61lbs
  • Power rating 15W max, typical 9W
  • Power supply Auto switching 110VAC to 240VAC
  • Interchangeable dispensing heads
  • One-time calibration required for each powder type]
  • Powered by AC power socket

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