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1.10ml External Thread Tubes

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With the Micronic 1.10ml external thread tubes!

Micronic's range of externally threaded tubes

When capped with a screw cap, the 1.10ml externally threaded tubes from  Micronic have the same height as the 1.40ml internally threaded tubes capped with a push cap. This makes it the ideal tube for users who’d like to switch to an externally threaded tube option. With a triple start thread and thick tube walls, the 1.10ml tubes preserve and protect samples during long-term storage.

The 1.10ml tubes also:

  • Minimize cross-contamination
  • Have a code surface with a raised edge, which protects the 2D Data-Matrix code from accidental scratches
A Micronic 96-well format rack with lid of push cap tubes in freezer

Product features

Optimal Sealing

The external thread improves sample safety (cross-contamination is minimized) while maximizing storage volume.

Unique Molding Technique

The black code surface cannot be separated from the transparent tube due to the patented 2K injection molding technique.


The 1.10ml tubes are standard available non-coded or with 2D Data-Matrix codes, the racks are 1D barcoded, and the codes are permanently laser-etched.


Resistant against chemical solvents, the tubes are produced in a class 7 clean room and are RNase/DNase and Pyrogen free.

  • Inner tube shape V-bottom
  • Material Medical approved Polypropylene (CE-IVD)
  • Working volume (+21ºC) 0.93ml (with Screw Cap) / 0.85ml (with Push Cap)
  • Tube height in rack 42.25mm (without cover)
  • Temperature range Vapor phase LN2 to +100°C

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Product downloads

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