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Tubes laser-etched by the information marking systems by AFYS3G
Newly Launched Products

From NBS Scientific

At NBS Scientific, we’re always searching for new and innovative products to help researchers optimize their workflow. Three of our newest products—the Lambda8 Manual Laser Marker, the CXT353 Frozen Sample Aliquotter, and the Scinomix RapidCAP2—do just that by replacing manual and time-consuming tasks with varying levels of automation. Fore more information about these products, please see below.

Lambda8 Manual Laser Marker

A front view of the Lambda8 information marking system by AFYS3G

The Lambda8 Manual Laser Marker can mark tubes from 0.30ml to 15.00ml in size. Instead of using labels, stickers, or ink to mark each tube, the Lambda8 uses a laser to laser-etch the surface of each tube with the shape or text needed for sample tracking. These laser-etched markings resist chemicals, mechanical abrasion, and extreme temperatures, thus guaranteeing absolute sample traceability.

CXT353 Bench-Top Frozen Sample Aliquotter

The CXT353 Frozen Sample Aliquotter is a semi-automated instrument that can aliquot a range of frozen samples such as tissue, feces, and plasma. The CXT353 can extract multiple frozen aliquots from a single sample, thus maximizing the utility of rare samples for critical studies. During the aliquotting process, both the parent sample and aliquots are kept below -80°C via LN2 chilling.

Scinomix RapidCAP2

The Scinomix RapidCAP2 is an automated system that can (de)cap 0.50ml to 2.00ml tubes at rate of 4.75 seconds per tube. Designed with a large cap hopper, the RapidCAP2 can hold up to 1,000 caps, which means users can dump in bulk caps for more walk-away time. Since the RapidCAP2 is factory configured to a user’s specific needs, minimal setup time is required at their facility.