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FAQ: Labware

Which ULT racks are compatible with the 96-well format tubes?

Micronic offers various racks for 96-well format tubes. The Micronic 96-1 rack is compatible with 0.30ml, 0.40ml, and 0.50ml internal/external thread tubes. The Micronic 96-Q1 rack is compatible with 0.50ml internal thread tubes. The Micronic 96-2 rack is compatible with 0.75ml internal/external thread tubes. The Micronic 96-3 rack is compatible with 0.80ml and 1.10ml internal/external thread tubes. The Micronic 96-4 rack is compatible with 1.40ml internal/external thread tubes. The Micronic 96-5 rack is compatible with 2.00ml internal/external thread tubes.

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A capcluster has a black foil that users can remove once all tubes have been capped. A capmat has a fixed foil that cannot be removed once tubes have been capped. A capband is a capmat with perforated edges that can be torn into strips of 8 or 12 caps.

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Micronic offers two methods of sterilization for their labware: gamma irradiation and ethylene oxide. If your team requires sterilization, please let us know because additional fees will apply.

Yes. We offer Tube Trial Packs for 96-well format tubes. These packs include 10 racks of tubes and 960 caps. We also offer small packs of precapped hybrid tubes and racks.

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Yes. We offer samples of the following products: Micronic tubes, caps, and racks; GenTegra stability reagents; Norgen sample collection kits. Please note: we do not have samples in stock for every product in our portfolio. If we don’t have the sample you need, we’ll do our best to send you a similar product.

We offer the full range of TPE Push Caps and Screw Caps from Micronic.

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