The fastest qPCR thermal cycler

xxpress is a brand created by BJS Biotechnologies, a company located in the UK that develops ultra-high speed qPCR thermal cyclers for customers in the life science industry. BJS Company has been the world’s leading supplier of the silver heat exchange blocks used in the faster PCR thermal cyclers.

qPCR equipment and consumables

To achieve maximum thermal accuracy

xxpress is the fastest qPCR thermal cycler on the market, allowing 40 cycles to be run in less than 10 minutes. With xxpress, one unit does the work of 6 standard qPCR thermal cyclers. xxpress also provides significant reagent savings (up to 90%) due to its low sample volume and speed. With thermal uniformity of +/- 0.3˚C during cycling and heating pattern adjustments at a rate of 100 times per second, xxpress helps you achieve consistent and comparable results every time.

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