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On the CXT 353

Preserving Sample Quality
With the CXT 353 Frozen Sample Aliquotter

Working with frozen samples?

Worried about sample contamination?

With the CXT 353 Frozen Sample Aliquotter from Basque Engineering + Science, researchers can maintain sample quality by eliminating the freeze-thaw cycle altogether.

No more thawing frozen samples, aliquotting them, and then re-freezing them for storage.

The CXT 353 ensures that researchers can core into frozen samples, extract frozen aliquots, and deposit them into cryotubes. During the coring process, the parent samples and aliquots remain frozen.


By eliminating the freeze-thaw cycle, researchers can:

★ Avoid analyte degradation and improve sample integrity

★ Extract small volumes without thawing to increase sample usage

★ Conserve rare and late-stage disease samples

★ Avoid manually slicing frozen tissue

★ Limit the handling of feces

★ Re-access frozen tissues and fecal samples


How can frozen aliquotting and the CXT 353 revamp your workflow? Join us for a webinar on Tuesday, December 13th at 9:00AM EDT to learn more. Cathy Roesch from Basque Engineering + Science will join us for a discussion on frozen sample aliquotting and conduct a live demo of the CXT 353 Frozen Sample Aliquotter. Can’t make it to the webinar? No problem. Just complete the form below, and we’ll send you a recording when it’s ready.


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