HT700 in action with open tray and racks of Micronic hybrid tubes
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This year, we had planned on attending the ISBER 2020 Annual Meeting along with some smaller regional shows to share some of our newest products with you. Since the status of future trade shows is still unknown, we decided to bring our products to you in the form of a virtual booth. Our virtual booth showcases some of the products we were most excited to share with you this year, including the CXT 353 Frozen Sample Aliquotter and the Lambda576 Automated Laser Marker.

Explore our virtual booth to learn how our products can help optimize each step of your workflow. Have questions? Just chat with us online. Interested in a web demo? Contact us at to schedule an appointment. Thank you for your patience as we learn to navigate these unprecedented times. We look forward to meeting you!

Featured Products

CXT 353 Bench-Top Frozen Sample Aliquotter

The CXT 353 Frozen Sample Aliquotter is a semi-automated bench-top instrument that can aliquot a wide range of frozen samples like tissue, feces, serum, plasma, whole blood, urine, and other biofluids. The CXT 353 can extract multiple frozen aliquots from a single sample, thus increasing utilization of  rare samples for critical studies. During the aliquotting process, both the parent sample and frozen aliquots are maintained below -80°C via LN2 chilling, effectively eliminating the freeze-thaw cycle and maintaining the integrity of samples.

Lambda576 Automated Laser Marker

The AFYS3G Lambda576 laser marker with the door open and racks of Micronic hybrid tubes inside

The Lambda576 is an automated laser marker that can laser-engrave tubes of different sizes and brands. Instead of using labels, stickers, or ink to mark tubes, the Lambda576 uses a laser to permanently engrave any shape, logo, text or sample ID directly onto the surface of each tube. The Lambda576 can hold up to 6 racks of sample storage tubes in ANSI/SLAS format. Laser-engraved markings can resist chemicals, mechanical abrasion, and temperatures between +100ºC and -196ºC, thus guaranteeing maximum sample traceability.

Collect Samples

At NBS Scientific, we offer innovative ways to collect, preserve, and isolate samples at ambient temperatures. With our sample collection and isolation kits, you can quickly and easily collect, preserve, and isolate RNA and DNA from different types of samples including blood, stool, saliva, urine, plasma, serum, and soil.

Swab Collection System

The Swab Collection and Total Nucleic Acid Preservation System from Norgen Biotek is designed to collect, store, and transport total nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) from different sample types like nasal, buccal, saliva, fecal, and skin.

Saliva DNA Collection Kit

The Saliva DNA Collection and Preservation Devices from Norgen Biotek are designed to simply and non-invasively collect saliva samples and then preserve the DNA in those saliva samples at ambient temperatures.

Saliva RNA Collection Kit

The Saliva RNA Collection and Preservation Devices yield high-quality, inhibitor-free RNA suitable for sensitive downstream applications. Samples stored in these devices are stable for up to two months at room temperature.

Stool Collection & Preservation Kit

A stool nucleic acid collection and preservation system by Norgen Biotek

Because of the preservative components within the Stool Collection and Preservation Kit from Norgen Biotek, samples can be stored at room temperature for over two years for DNA and 7 days for RNA.

Prepare Samples

Laboratories with automated systems must have disposables and bench-top equipment they can use to process small samples efficiently. With our range of robotic tips from Ritter Medical and bench-top equipment from Crystal Technologies, even the most customized workflows can be accommodated.

Mini Centrifuge

pink mini centrifuge

A mini centrifuge is an essential piece of lab equipment that is used in clinical, environment and industrial research. They are ideal for quick spins, microfiltration of samples, cell separations and many other routine lab procedures.

Mini Vortex Mixer

The Mini Vortex mixer is the ideal mixer for every lab because of its compact size, ease of use, and economic price point. With a 3,000rpm fixed speed, the mini vortex doesn’t sacrifice any mixing power. Choose from four colors: red, green, purple, and blue.


The FreezeCell™ cryopreservation boxes can be used to maximize the viability of different cell types. With FreezeCell™ boxes, researchers can maintain a controlled and consistent cooling rate, yielding higher cell survival after thawing.

Store Samples

Micronic manufactures innovative sample storage and preservation products—like sample storage tubes, caps, and racks—for the life science industry. Whether you need to store your samples in the highest purity polypropylene tubes, categorize your samples by cap color, or store your samples in laser-etched 1D barcoded racks, Micronic has a solution to help you get the job done. In addition to Micronic’s sample storage products, we also offer a range of deep well plates from Ritter Medical.

Sample Storage Tubes

Micronic's range of internally threaded push cap and screw cap tubes

We offer Micronic’s range of internal and external threaded tubes from 0.30ml-6.00ml in size that fit in a 96-well, 48-well or 24-well ANSI/SLAS standard rack. Tubes are available non-coded, alphanumeric coded or 2D Data-Matrix coded on the bottom.

Sample Storage Caps

The range of Micronic's screw cap ultra: red, blue, light green, and yellow in color

Micronic offers TPE Push Caps for internal and external thread tubes in 96-well format. They also offer screw caps for internal and external thread tubes. These caps provide the most optimal seal for long term sample storage in ultra-low temperatures.

Sample Storage Racks

Micronic’s Ultra-Low Temperature racks are specifically designed for long-term, cryogenic storage. They feature a new locking mechanism, rack orientation marks, cover text indicating rack and tube type, and high transparency for easy checking of samples.

Track Samples

When you need to retrieve samples for further testing, you’ll want the retrieval process to be quick and simple. Track samples in the lab by validating 1D and 2D barcodes with Micronic’s range of single tube and full rack readers.

Micronic Tube Reader DT300

The DT300 is a small, portable device that can be used to instantly validate any 1D barcode or 2D Data-Matrix code on 24-well, 48-well, and 96-well tubes and racks. With the DT300, researchers can scan more than 15,000 codes before recharging.

Micronic Tube Reader DT500

The Micronic tube reader DT500 being used to scan the 1D barcode on a Micronic hybrid tube

The Micronic Tube Reader DT500 is the most versatile single-tube reader on the market. It can read 1D rack barcodes or 1D and 2D Data-Matrix coded tubes in less than one second. Compatible with 96-well, 48-well, and 24-well format racks and tubes.

Micronic Rack Reader DR500

The DR500 rack reader with the 1D side barcode reader attached and a full rack of tubes precapped with grey screw caps being scanned

The DR500 can rapidly and accurately identify full racks of 2D coded tubes in just 5 seconds. With the new Micronic Code Reader Software, the DR500 gives reliable code readings and can be smoothly integrated into any laboratory sample database.

Micronic Rack Reader DR700

The Micronic Rack Reader DR700 can read full racks of 2D Data-Matrix coded tubes in just 7 seconds. With an optional 1D side barcode reader, a CCD imaging sensor, and an anti-frost system, the DR700 ensures accurate code readings at all times.

Automate Your Workflow

By using automated systems in the lab, you’ll increase productivity and reduce costs. With our tube labellers, (de)cappers, laser marking systems, tube processors, and frozen sample aliquotters, you can achieve a faster and more efficient workflow.

CS700 Screw Cap Recapper

A side view of the CS700 next to three racks of tubes precapped with pink, purple, and light green screw caps respectively

The CS700 is an instrument that can cap, decap, or recap a full rack of screw cap tubes in less than 30 seconds. Designed to improve efficiency, the CS700 can be used as a stand-alone instrument or integrated into a fully automated lab environment.

Sci-Print VX2 Tube Labeler

The Sci-Print VX2

The Sci-Print VX2 is a fully automated tube labeling system that can print and apply labels to tubes ranging from 0.50ml-50.0ml in size. In addition to labeling, the VX2 can be configured to sort racked tubes, receive bulk tubes, (de)cap, fill, and scan barcodes.

Lambda576 Laser Marker

The AFYS3G Lambda576 laser marker with the door open and racks of Micronic hybrid tubes inside

The Lambda576 is an automated information marking system that can laser-etch tubes with any shape, logo, text, or sample ID. These high-resolution markings can resist mechanical abrasion and extreme temperatures, ensuring absolute sample traceability.

CXT 353 Frozen Sample Aliquotter

The CXT 353 can extract multiple aliquots from a range of frozen samples. With this instrument, researchers can maintain both the parent sample and aliquots below -80°C, thus eliminating the freeze-thaw cycle to maximize sample quality and utility.

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