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Purification and Detection of RNA from Stool Samples

Purification and Detection of Bacterial RNA from Preserved Stool Samples

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Stool is an excellent sample source for diagnosing cases of bacterial gastroenteritis, and the analysis of gut microbiota is becoming increasingly important in diagnosing cases of irritable bowel syndrome. However, the isolation of high quality RNA from stool is not without its problems. Furthermore, the presence of RNases and DNases in stool poses logistical problems in the form of nucleic acid degradation that occurs during sample collection and transport. Norgen Biotek has developed a Stool Nucleic Acid Preservative which allows for the long-term preservation of stool samples at ambient room temperature. This application note illustrates that bacterial RNA subsequently isolated from the preserved stool samples is of a high quality and can be used directly in sensitive downstream assays such as real-time RT-PCR to monitor the RNA expression.

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