xxsealer™ SA

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The xxsealer™ SA

A semi-automated PCR plate heat sealer

The xxsealer™ SA is a semi-automated PCR plate heat sealer with programmable temperature, dwell, and pressure that provides a safe and controlled way to seal samples into plate wells. The motor operating the xxsealer™ SA ensures a greater sealing consistency, protecting samples from both evaporation and contamination during the heating and cooling cycles. After plates are sealed, a pipette tip can be used to recover samples for future downstream applications.

Product features


The xxsealer™ SA can be purchased with an adapter to seal all three xxplate™ SBS sizes: 24-well, 54-well, and 96-well format.

Programmable settings

The xxsealer™ SA has timing, temperature, and pressure settings for each xxplates™ SBS, but users can easily reprogram them for other applications.


Researchers can purchase an optional micro-titer plate adapter to use with the xxsealer™ SA to seal standard plates.


The xxsealer™ SA has an energy saving mode that enters the system into “sleep mode” after its been left on and unused for 60 minutes.

  • Display OLED
  • Temperature setting 80C ~ 200C
  • Temperature accurate 1˚C
  • Seal time 0.5s ~ 10s, increased by 0.1 seconds
  • Heating element Electrical heating tube
  • Input power 300W
  • Size 7.01" L x 14.56" W x 12.98" H
  • Weight 21.2 lbs

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