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The xxcentrifuge™

A qPCR plate centrifuge for evenly distributing samples in xxplates™

The xxcentrifuge™ is the ideal partner for the xxpress® NGx because it ensures that samples are evenly distributed on the base of the xxplate wells prior to thermal cycling. The centrifuge can also be used in analytical chemistry, microbiology, virology and clinical biochemistry.

The xxcentrifuge™ has a rotor that can hold any of the 3 xxplate™ sizes (the consumable plate used by the xxpress® NGx). It also has a microprocessor control system that provides smooth rotations and regulates the start, duration and speed of rotation. The xxcentrifuge™ has several safety controls including the locking of the lid during operation and a built-in imbalance sensor.

Product features


Prior to thermal cycling, the xxpress xxcentrifuge™ consistently distributes samples at the bottom of each well.


In addition to qPCR thermal cycling, the xxcentrifuge™ can be used for applications in analytical chemistry, microbiology, and virology.

Control system

The xxcentrifuge™ has a microprocessor control system that provides smooth rotations and regulates the start, duration, and speed of rotation.

Safety features

The xxcentrifuge™ has several safety features, including a lid lock and an imbalance sensor to protect samples throughout the centrifuge process.

  • Max. RPM/RCF 4,000 rpm/ 2,075 xg
  • Time control Timed, < 100 min or continuous
  • Noise level ≤52 dB
  • Acc/Dec(sec) ≤20 sec / ≤20 sec
  • Power supply (V/Hz) 220V 50~60110V 50~60
  • Power requirement (VA) 140
  • Size 11.65" L x 16.22" W x 8.11" H
  • Weight 38.58 lbs
  • RPM/RCF conversion
  • Safety door lock
  • Door drop protection
  • Automatic door release at completion

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