X-TubeProcessor Ultra


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The X-TubeProcessor® Ultra

For users requiring a high throughput tube processor

The Ultra tube processor by HTI bio-X

The X-TubeProcessor Ultra supports medium to large productions and can process up to 1,000 tubes per hour. The X-TubeProcessor Ultra system is noted for its universal applications, high accuracy, compact design, and the ability to run up to 10 processes in parallel.

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Product features


The X-TubeProcessor® Ultra can hold up to 100 SBS 48-well racks and handle up to 1,000 tubes per hour.


The X-TubeProcessor® Ultra is a large footprint system that operates by compressed air.

Total Automation

The X-TubeProcessor® Ultra has tube, rack, and cap feeders to create a seamless, automated workflow.

Modular System

The X-TubeProcessor® Ultra is a modular system that can (de)cap, label, fill, and identify a variety of tubes.

  • Size 98.4" (L) x 78.7" (W) x 78.7" (H)
  • Weight 1100 lbs
  • Throughput 4 seconds per tube (up to 1000 tubes per hour)
  • Parallel processing available

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