The TBS-1080


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The TBS-1080

The only chlorine dioxide gas generation system that meets industry standards AND fits inside a BSC

The TBS-1080 is a Chlorine Dioxide (CD) Gas Generation System designed to disinfect biosafety cabinets (BSCs) in compliance with NSF/ANSI Standard 49 protocol (G. Method 1) for the fixed mass of chlorine dioxide gas.

The TBS-1080 uses reagent solutions in prepackaged cartridges to generate CD gas and neutralize the CD gas reaction mixture. The CD-Pak cartridge contains a 25% solution of Sodium Chlorite and the R-Pak dual cartridge contains an activation solution as well as a quenching and neutralizing solution for safe disposal after the disinfection procedure is completed. The CD-Pak-60 and R-Pak-60 are used for disinfecting BSCs up to 60 ft3 and the CD-Pak-90 and R-Pak-90 cartridges are used for BSCs up to 90 ft3.

Product features


The TBS-1080 is a small, lightweight (12 lbs), and portable device that fits neatly inside a biosafety cabinet, simplifying the set-up and tear down of the disinfection process.


The TBS-1080 includes a large, user-friendly LCD screen that shows the progress of the disinfection and a 2-step verification process that prevents accidental start.


The TBS-1080 uses prepackaged reagents and refillable chemical cartridges to effectively eliminate all forms of microorganisms, viruses, and spores from biosafety cabinets.

EPA Approved

The EPA recognizes chlorine dioxide gas as an acceptable disinfection method for biosafety cabinets. Please note, no chlorine gas is generated during the disinfection process.

  • Disinfection time 90 minutes
  • Weight 12 lbs
  • Fits inside biosafety cabinet
  • Effective one all forms of viruses, spores, and more
  • Chlorine dioxide gas recognized by EPA as acceptable disinfection
  • User-friendly LCD screen shows progress of disinfection

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