Riplate® 384

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Riplate® 384

Optimized for smaller volumes

Ritter Medical Riplate 384 with square wells

For optimal sample storage and bacterial growth, Ritter Medical offers the Riplate® 384 SW microtiter plate with newly designed square wells. The wells are designed in such a way that there is more space for each sample. By means of a special 3-axis soil geometry, the square wells are converted into a V-shape which makes it possible to remove even the smallest sample volumes, thus offering a high sample recovery.

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Product features

High recovery

The Riplate® 384 is available with a V-bottom well for high sample recovery.


The higher edges of the Riplate® 384 wells help avoid cross-contamination and can be sealed more easily with self-adhesive foils.


The Riplate® 384 has a high resistance to commonly used chemicals, solvents, and alcohols.


The alphanumeric coding helps researchers register and identify individual samples.

  • Material Polystyrene or Polypropylene
  • Resistance High
  • Coding Alphanumeric
  • Working volume 100 μl - 200 μl/well
  • Shape V- or F-bottom wells
  • Reduced risk of cross-contamination

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